Coin app review in South Africa

Will the COIN App really help you earn that extra money you need on the side? Find out if COIN is viable for South African’s, and at the same time find out how all the tips to get the best returns.

Disclamer: If you are looking got a genual review of the whole app, then this artical is not for you. This artical only covers how the Coin app can impact the South Afican market. Many features are not covers because they are not avalible for South Africans.

What is the Coin app?

The COIN app is a mobile app, disigned to get you our and about and earn coin at the same time.

“Discover hidden rewards and reveal special opportunities, or socialize with other players! Redeem your COIN for exciting digital assets, gaming systems, tablets, and more.” – From the COIN website.

Recomended tips to earn more on Coin

Firstly off the bat, there seams to be alot of earning features that are not avalible for South Africans. But lets explore the features that are avalile to us and how to get the best gains.

In app game rewards

You get rewarded a low amount for completing the in app games, The more you complete the highter your Bonus Drops % would grow. I would almost recomend this is the best paying task in the app if you include the Bonus Drops payouts.

Home Base

Sometimes it feels good to have a night in. Establish a Home Base, and enjoy COIN from home.

Big Geomines

Occasionally, you may find a super-treasure when you explore! Other times, you can validate the big wins of other players.

Watching Videos

The videos ads is a great way to earn coin, but it would be great if this option poped up more often, and does not pay out larg amounts all the time.

Rewarded Play

Coin allows you to play selected games to earn more coin, I found that if you just stay in Coin and complete all the other tasks, you end up earning more.

Bonus Drops

Been working hard? Enjoy some extra rewards, on us!

HODL Rewards

Just like interest in a bank, holding on to your treasures will increase your nest egg!

Background Rewards

Sometimes you may forget to explore the amazing world of COIN, but we’ve got your back (for a bit!) with Background Rewards.

Geomining Mode

coin app geomining mode

I tested Mental Exercize because I was not really on the move when testing this app. I would recomend picking the option that best fits your lifestyle.

Open Exploration is great if you are in an new area and you would like to just explore

Gamified Traval is great if you do alot of travalling

Physical Exercise is perfect if you are doing alot of walking or running.

Mental Exercize was perfect for me. I do alot of exercise but mainly in not location, so this was the best for me.

Some disavantages

Firstly, the Coin app used more of your battery with the backgroud mining, and there are alot of earning features are not avalible for South Africans. With that said The Coin Team might be able to provide us with more features in the future.


This is a great way to kill some time, but not a great way to earn extra on the side, especilly with in South Africa. If the COIN team unlock more earning features with in South Africa then this app could potensillay help. But not in this ponit in time. Coin is not recomended to earn extra cash on the side.

Useful links that can provide you with more insight on the COIN app:

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