The Make a Plan Story

Hi, we are the Hutchi’s. We live in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.  We have a passion for simple living, minimalism, and sustainability.  We’ve been following the Tiny House movement on YouTube for the last 3 years and decided about a year ago to build a Tiny House of our own, find a piece of land to park our Tiny House and build a sustainable community.  We would love  for you to follow along on our journey!

Who is Make a Plan

Make A Plan team

The core leadership is a husband and wife team, with a group of close supporters that assist and advise to ensure that the advise we share, is as relevant and useful to you and your family.

What we are hopping to achive

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How can you assist us to keep this vision alive

We made available a few ways in which you can show your support, from simply giving some of your time to subscribing to our newsletter, to supporting us with a financial contribution.  We honestly feel honoured to have your support, no matter how small.