Minimal Living

Minimalism means different things to different people.  There is no rule book for minimalism.  The essence of minimalism is to life simply with only the things you need and the things you enjoy. It’s about getting rid of the “stuff” and to manage the inventory of your home.  Let’s dig a little deeper into how to start on the journey towards simple living.

Freeing up your head space

The first and most important thing in your journey towards minimalism is to change the way you think of the things that surround you and to figure out why you are about to go on this journey.  Let’s dive into this together!

Declutter your surroundings

A huge step and probably the first step towards a minimal and simple lifestyle is to declutter the “stuff” around you and to only hold onto the things that you really need and that sparks joy!  Let’s get practical here and dig into this often daunting task!

Practical Minimal Methods

In this section we cover how to declutter and minimalise your life in practical steps, in everyday areas in life. This will hopefully allow you to get your head, heart and body around how practical and easy life can be when you are living a minimal lifestyle.

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